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Frequently asked questions

You can get status information of your container by using our “container tracking module” which is available in our website. First of all,  you need to fill boxes which are named with “Container Number”, “References Number” , “E-mail Address” and “Shipping Line”. After filling the boxes , click the “Submit Form” button. Then your container tracking request is going to reach us. We are going to send an notification mail in 5 minutes to the email you entered the form. If you live technical problems please do not hesitate use our live chat. We are going to back and help you immediately


We inform you about status of the container by sending an notification mail to the e-mail address you entered the tracking module during the query.  This notification mail contains

  • origin and destination port of your container
  • loading and discharching date of your container
  • the name of shipping line carries your container
  • status of your container.( “departured”, 1on the way” or “discharged”)

If your container arrived the destination port you are going to see “discharged ” phrase highlighted with green colour. If  the container hasn’t arrived yet then  “on the way” phrase is highlighted with the colour instead. With same logic if the container is loaded but not on the way  i.e the ship hasn’t sailed yet, then “departured” phrase is highlighted with green colour. One of the example of our notification  e-mail format is as follow.


References Number(RN)  is one of the information you should have entered our container  tracking module. RN is represent the name of your query. You can enter anything that remind or classify your query. This number help you to arrange your container queries when there are a lot of query in question. You can create RN by using numbers, letters or both. There is no limitation rules. Examples; Query1, Shipment35, 6756799.. etc.

No. It does not effect results. However you may wait a little bit longer to get notification e-mail. Because our system collects the container status data according to the data you enter container tracking module. If you enter the Shipping Line which your container are not carried by our system can not  find the container in the first query. However system makes query again and finds right Shipping Line by using your container number prefix. So, be sure that you  are entering  right container number and a valid e-mail address.

Unfortunately, our Live Chat service is just for solving your urgent  and technical  problems and receving your  request and complaint . On the other hand you have to use tracking module and enter the data to there otherwise our system does not record your query so you can not  receive the notification mail.

We gives you the “status” of container. It is different from the “position”. We tell you whether your container “departured”, “on the way” or “discharched”.  We prefer giving data in that way because the status of container is more important than position of the container. Status is the result of sum of the position and all maritime trade  parties act accordingly. On the other hand, it is really usefull receiving condition of container if something urgent is happen. Furthermore, it makes your trade  more visible.  In order to gives our client more detailed and valuable services we are working  on it. Our target is  to give our client positions data as soon as possible.

If our system does not reach information about status of a container it is going to send notification mails by labeling the conatiner as  “In progress” or “Untracked”. “In progress” means that your container number is valid and system can find the container. However the loading, discharging  ports and dates are not definite yet. System automatically assign loading and discharging date than track the shipowner website. When shipowner release the information the system enters the data and sends  notification mail with accurate dates. On the other “Untracked” means the container you entered is not valid. You should query again with the right container number.

After getting your request, our system goes  the shipping lines’ database  and records the shipping line   data. According to that data the system prepaires a standard  e-mail form and sends you a notification e-mail. However, sometimes estimated time of arrival(ETA)  a ship is not the same with actual time of arrival(ATA). That is why we track the status of the ship that carries your container and send you an arrival  e-mail only if the ship really arrived the destination port.  In short we basically have two sources; Shipping Line Databases and Vessel Tracking System.

Totally for 1 container you take notification mail 4 times; 1 for first tracking, 1 for 7 days before arrival, 1 for 3 days before arrival and 1 for “actual” arrival of container to the destination port.

You can track your container in two ways. 1th is  a single container tracking,   2nd is  tracking with  BL number.  Only our Advance and Professional user can use second option.

First of all, if you have more than one container which are belong to same shipping line but not in the same BL you can enter the container numbers respectively and submit form after entering shipping line and other requiring data. Your request will reach us succesfully

Second of all, Our system requires at least 1 container number even if you are able to query with BL number. You can track more than one container with BL number. It is not neccessary to enter all container number which you want to track with BL. There is a box is named “Container Count” in your dashboard. You can enter the number of container that your  BL  contain and our system send you notification mail for each container in the BL. If you want only track the container that you enter with Bl please enter “1” as “Container Count”. In this way you are going to receive only that container status information even if there are, for instance, 8 container in BL.

Another important detail is that please be sure that your BL is Master Bill of Lading. System does not accept House Bill of Lading  i,e Forwarder Bill of Lading . “Tracking with BL” panel is as follow.


Unfortunately even if we aware that road and rail status of a container as important as seaway status  due to standardization problems we are giving only port to port service for now.

Our freight offer system is being developed by our team. We have only service finder module for now. You can find port-to-port routes and the shipping lines operates between ports by using our service finder module. You can also find transit time between two choosed port.

Yes, we provide API service for container tracking.  Thanks to Cntracking API Service, your website and out container tracking apps works integrated with each other.

The API service has sample html and php codes created for web use. There is a sample code for "Console Application Project" as well. If you are not good at computer science it is better to ask your software department or a computer science specialist to integrate these codes to your website.

You can find our html API code from  here  and PHP API code from here

By the way,  Altron Shipping is one of the our client has been using API module. You can visit their website  and can see an applied  API module.

You can try free Cntracking API Module for 15 days. After subscribtion you can find your API code on your member dashboard. You can create customized tracking forms for your website by using the API code. After completing technical steps, your costumers are going to able tracking their

container via your webcite. Furthermore, your clients are going to receive notification mails with your company logo.

Here is  the video prepared by our team in order to help you for integration of API or  you can reach detailed docx file here

If you live any problems with the API integration please do not hesitate to send e-mail to

You can query more than one container at a time with BL number. However  if you have more than one container which are belong to same shipping line but not in the same BL you can enter the container numbers respectively and submit form after entering shipping line and other requiring data.

Unfortunately, our current API service is email-centric. You can only receive containers status information by the e-mail you or your clients enter the module box. However we will be glad to hear your advices. Please do not hesitate to contact with  us.

After subscribtion you are going to have an API Key. You can image this key as a password your company and Cntracking. Thanks to this key when your client query a container we recognize that this request is coming from your webcite and system sends notification e-mail to your client with your logo and  on behalf of  you.  We will use this code to manage your API credit as well. 

Advance Package is limited with  2000 request  and Professional Package is şimited 3000 request for the Professional Package. However, you can easily increase the limit by making contact with our Sales and Marketing department.